Hello Blogosphere!


Finally, am here. i feel like a kid in a candy store. i had always wondered what I’d write about when the time comes. well, the time is upon us & of the many thoughts, ideas, perspectives that hover in my mind everyday, nailing down one shouldn’t be so hard. should it?

anyway, I know that a tree- no matter how huge- will not qualify as a forest by any standard in the world. And me pouring out my snow white, blood pumping heart will hardly amount to much if no one is on the other end, making up for the *missing trees* in this truth based, humour laced forest that we call life.

I therefore pledge allegianceto talking about wholesome stuff cos getting an opinion out there is not quite as important as whose heart one’s tugging @, & in what direction one is tugging it.

Now that we got the serious stuff out of the way, allow me to say; Life is pretty awesome! especially when you focus on the good stuff, family, friendship, dreams, hopes, survival, victories, help, people, love…Yeah, there are those moments when you’re so swamped, that it wld seem like you’ve never had a good day & your recollection of a laughter is faint & far away. Those times are. We simply learn the lesson there n promptly forget the details, @ least, that’s what I do.

hence, I have more triumph report than anything else, it doesnt mean am deluded or hiding anything, it just means am not your usual/average gal. So, I humbly invite you to share in my very unusual life. Let’s take a ride together, I promise( i hardly make promises), it will be one of the best you ever had. That said, let the blogging begin!


One thought on “Hello Blogosphere!

  1. this is supposed to be an introduction right? But its so witty and interesting to read! If dis is an introduction, then we cant wait. Blog away dearie… With u

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