mo god

These sweet short years that I’ve been on this side of heaven, I’ve been honoured to meet ‘wonders in human body’, ‘pure purposes’, ‘tangible preciousness’…oh! you probably just know them as friends. And of them all, you are fast becoming a favourite. So, I thought I will write you the world’s best speech on 90th birthday; give you an oil-well for your 50th; declare national holidays for your 70th; generally make some grand gesture to celebrate you at every turn. Then I realised, it doesn’t have to be grand, to be true. Besides,the best time we all have, is ‘now’.
Hence, I chose to give you the cup while you can still smell the coffee…

igod, son of god, you finally made a blogger out of moi. The term ‘God in man’ finds a true expression in you. like it or yes, you are an essential part of whatever story I end up telling in the future…don’t sweat, it will be an astounding story of succes; a best seller by all standards- if ever I decide to sell. Even if you stopped now, you have touched my life in ways only a god can, thank you.

When I dared measure the power of one year, I simply cast a glance your way and the warmth that hijacks my heart says it all. I boldly declare that you are one of Papa God’s ways of showing me His infinite, condition-less love (for me). He surely thought of me as He breathed life into you. May He bless every good in you.

I will be right here cheering your green lights and boo-ing the reds. Your dreams shall find fulfilment, of that, I have no doubts. Thank you for being my friend. Keep the fire burning, I’m proud of you and I believe so much in you.


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