Worry-warts and other blemishes (1)

Hello. I am anxiety, the subtle forerunner of the notorious terrorist- FEAR.

I come freely, unbidden, disguised as common sense. All you need do about me is watch, and I simply gain more ground.

I love misery. I thrive on worry, weakness and self pity. my desire is to make a soul-mate of mankind.

Hope and Joy I despise, they are usurpers! But if you ask them, they’ll claim to be the rightful residents of the human spirit. Simply disbelief their claims and am empowered!

Thanksgiving is an offspring of theirs, heart-felt prayers their granny, and faith- that militant- is head of the family.

I know the family well and I cannot stand any of its members.

I pretty much paralyze your mind and exaggerate negatives, sometimes I make things up, just so I can keep a grip on you. I know the truth, but never will I tell it to you.

I find it hilarious that my hosts think I am pious, natural and unavoidable. They do not realize that I am really ‘Pride’.

I am you, telling God He is too small to handle your situation, He is a liar and He can shove His provisions…


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