Man and Bread

Where you see one, you will very likely see the other: A man and his bread go together like… a man and his bread.

Bread is singularly one of the world’s most popular staple foods. Boasting of many recipes and a wide range of faithful consumers; suffice it to say, the world loves her bread.

Food essentially ranks top of the list on man’s must have list. From the beginning of beginnings, man and what he calls food have been inseparable. That is why you would see a homeless bum scavenging for food, but not necessarily expressing the same concern about his living conditions.

 I’m  in no way undermining the importance of the other fine(or not so fine) things of life, but a house full of clothes, jewelries, posh cars and what-nots tends to pale in attractiveness in the face of longstanding famine. Your palate tastes ash at the sight of all that material haves- without food, except of course, you can exchange them for some grains, a cruse of oil, few morsels of meat or go Esau-style and trade ‘em for sweet ol’ porridge.

In search of this basic human need, the world has gone 360° on its head, broken rules and redefined protocol, celebrated the grand advent of methods, processes, researches and discoveries; all in the quest to improving the variability, quantity and above all, the quality of man’s survival kit.

 With this all-important, all-powerful status bestowed on our daily bread from time immemorial, vices such as child trafficking, prostitution, deceit, killing, and robbery (to mention a few) have fast become the norm. And aside the animals that operate on the survival of the fittest basis, the human race have also adopted this creed to justify the pushes that have alarmingly turned to aggressive shoves. Adam’s son now operates the trample-whatever-and-whoever-to-get-your-fix attitude.



I do not stand to blame all the woes of the world on this friend (?) of man’s; for though the celebrated face of bread is in loaves, in reality, bread to man goes beyond food and wine, it consists of all the things he desires, accumulates, pursues, lose his health in search of and ultimately gets dissatisfied with… the operative word here is ‘things’. Hence, the true face of bread includes riches, wealth and its trappings, power, prestige, recognition, relevance and importance.  These things also drive even the most rational Homo sapiens to despicable extremes.

Take Nigeria, a country that is literarily spilling over with milk and honey, having her citizens idolizing milk and worshipping honey from a distance. The older citizens who worked their bones weary are still weary after retirement because they are denied their bread (pension and care), while the younger generations in a desperate scramble for theirs, forget the rule of hard work. They seek the shortest routes to the wealth track, heedless of the feet and heads they step on to get there. ‘Man must survive’ is the new creed: Apologies to patience, hard work, morals, love, ethics, conscience, due process, rights and the fear of God for not making it on our list alongside power, wealth and recognition.

We conveniently forget that the tummy will one day be fed, and we will be left starring in the face of the consequential monsters we created, snapping their jaws, hungry for our blood.



The truth is often overlooked in its simplicity and the truth here is: Man was never created for the sake of bread, so he ‘shall not live by bread alone’. Lailai!

 Leavened or unleavened, bright, dull, grand, simple, toasted, sliced, rolled, cinnamon-ed or wheat-ed, in whatever shape, size or type, the things that connote bread in this world will not satisfy you, simply because, they CAN not! That inexplicable, insatiable hunger we all have can only be filled by God Himself, revealed in His son Christ Jesus (who is the Word of God and – get this- the BREAD of life!). Feed on the word of God, you’ve never tasted anything better!

If you and I both satisfy our souls in a living relationship with Jesus, with ease, we will work hard and honest, we will find peace and contentment, the equation of hardwork, bread and success will be balanced and the tyrannical rule of taskmaster bread will be broken. The baton of blame has to stop changing hands; we are in sight of the finish line. Hungry?


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