Trust the Peace

There are those things that defy explanation; you just can’t seem to break them down or build them up. Situations, not necessarily people. From the look of them, you really need to worry. But something on the inside just wouldn’t let you, that feeling like there’s no issue in your issue; that everything is dandy and life’s gonna be alright after all… I think the name for that feeling is Peace. It is not quite bliss, but it ain’t worry or chaos either. You just know that bad though it may seem, it’s all good and even if it don’t end soon, it’ll definitely end well.
The fact that peace engulfs your spirit in the scary face of monstrous facts may cause you to want to question your own sanity, ‘Ain’t I supposed to be more concerned about this’ you will ask yourself. Then you deliberately exhume the possible consequences of the situation not working out; woefully, you inform one or two professional mourners about the issue and voila, you successfully work yourself up. In short, you lose your peace over the fact that you had peace in the first place. It’s a crazy paradox!
Before you get to that point, I pray you, slow your roll. Before you nail your own coffin, I beseech you, consider the up and up. Before you eulogise your ‘’pitiable’’ condition, check the recess of your mind. Havn’t people gone through stuff like this and lived to tell the story with a smile? Didn’t there use to be situations like this in your own past, didn’t you overcome? So, it almost claimed your life or sanity then, but then is not now. You are stronger, wiser, better in all ways. Yes you are. And you’ll surely overcome again this time.
So, honey, trust that peace. It’s not there for nothing, you know. It’s got deposit of assurance that He’ll come through for you. You’re not in this alone. Tell every one that cares to know that you’ve won again, you are invincible! Because God is for you.


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