Word For Word

Holy Spirit: that honeysuckle-feel giving personality, the greatest teacher of all time and eternity, loving yet firm, beautiful to behold and awesome in presence. He took my imagination on a tickled trip telling of how…

The sun was glad to behold the light Himself, her rays giggled on Jesus’ shoulders and joyfully bounced off His hair;
The waters were thrilled to cool the tongue of Him who is the river of life;
The air became depressed when it had no wind to blow on His sweaty brows;
The greens burst into laughter at a loving look or touch from His fingertips;
The sand felt honored to provide a base for the soles of His feet- who is the way;
Syllables and words rolled off the tongue of Him who is verily word with pleasure;
Food and wine found no greater purpose than to minister nourishing freshness to the bread of life;
His breathe came in soft puffs because O2 and CO2 delightfully provided their service to Him who is the source of life;

Everything else responded excitedly to His presence and majesty, they came alive at love’s glorious beckon. For other creations seemed to be aware of one thing that God’s greatest creation was blind to; that Christ Jesus is God.
He came unto His own (humans), they knew and received Him not, but the creation knew Him and celebrated His Kingship. They wished to declare His majesty but the honor was reserved for us (sons) by the father.
Merry Christmas!


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