2012: That’s New too

I felt it would be a bit inappropriate for me not to acknowledge the new year in a special blog. the tidal waves have done their magic and brought in a new moon; a new season. It’s a brand new year, albeit 8 days have rolled by in it. From my part of the globe, it’s been eight days of forming new bonds and a fresh burst of reclaimed voice- as people of my dear country have coalesced to fight for a joint cause.

I have never before seen a Nigeria like this.

What the people are fighting for is no longer news. No matter how meager the amount, you don’t try to cheat the Mafia, if discovered, you automatically get on the ‘wack’ list (to them, it’s a matter of principle). My country people have made their response to the new government policy a matter of principle too. Everyone is tired of the usual ‘siddon look’ (sit down and look) attitude to Federal Government frivolities and extravagance in spending public funds coupled with a defiant lack of accountability and transparency.

In the past days,the social networks have been agog; several links have been shared, tweets have gone haywire, Facebook has been besieged with updates; the airwaves are choked up, op-eds are rolling in on skates; spiritual folks are taking covers in their faith, the brawns are calling for blood, activists are in their zone, everybody with an opinion is airing it. Even people who cannot manage a vegetable garden have overnight turned experts on National Resource management. But hey, there is a bright side, we have found our voice!

Across the country, the streets are hosting protests of every kind. The message is clear, the people are not in sync with the fuel subsidy removal move.It was meant to be the last resort, not the first and we were meant to be involved in the decision making, not have it imposed on us from out of the blues. A friend of mine said ”the plans are good (in the long run) but will the poor man survive till the ‘long run’? It’s ‘give us this day our daily bread’ but that- bread- is presently more than 100% its former price”. Besides, Nigerians themselves are using this as an excuse to exploit each other.

The saddest part of it is, some lives are already lost to this cause. Their dreams will be realised behind them; all they were (before their deaths) is all they will ever be.
Of greater magnitude is the gutting stories of bloodshed in the Northern part of the country. With an Islamic sect persecuting Christians in some states and the porous state of security in the nation. How come Nigerians did not arise in their giant-ise and figh this monster too? Would we rather fight for our incomes and expenses (cost/standard of living) than for the value of life? Remember one life can change the course of an entire generation for better or worse.

We have found our voice, let’s make a noise that would cause tremors in the whole land and trembling in the enemy-camps. This I know, no matter how this thing turns out, things will never be the same again.

P.S: All over the world, it has been reiterated that this is the year of the word of God. Strange things are gonna be happening by the use of God’s word…don’t be left out. If God says it, you know you can take it to the bank!

Challenge the Status Quo (thanks QHD)


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