Looking to Cephas

Recently, I had to come to terms with a sudden let-go by the mother Eagle. For many months, I had ridden on her wings as a growing eaglet, chattering happily and generally having the time of my life. As long as she soars, I know that I am right there with her. That she loves me, nobody could deny.
Perched on a tree one day, mother Eagle informed me of changing locations; she was needed in a different region and as much as she would love to have me; I knew that this trip, she would make alone. My head plopped onto my chest and my first thought was ‘I am done flying high’. I put on a performance for her to show her that she has my support and I would be just fine.
I knew she was not totally taken in by my performance but she was too wise to show it. For days, I was down, the grand beauty of the sun was lost on me, nothing interested me and I preened my feathers over and over but they did not seem to shine.
I decided to take up the issue with the only Wise One. I poured out my ‘broken’ heart to Him, shed tears and looked appropriately miserable. His kindly eyes never left mine a second as He listened with rapt attention, giving me the whole of Himself.
He heard me out and gently pulled me into his loving embrace. Gently again, He told me that I am not done flying high because big or small, an Eagle is an Eagle. Then, He reached out for my favorite storybook, reading to me the mesmerizing story of Cephas and Yeshua- how Yeshua walk on a large body of liquid water and Cephas ventured on the same expedition at His command…
I wondered what that story had to do with mine but He told me that since the beginning of flight, I had become a part of that surreal scenario too. He asked me whom my eyes were on and because I knew the story by heart, I prepared my beautiful beak to tell Him ‘Yeshua’, but alas I choked on the word and couldn’t give Him an answer.
Wise One smiled and said, ‘’I thought as much. You were looking unto Cephas the whole time! Had you forgotten that he launched out at Yeshua’s command just like you did? He may have gotten out of the boat first or gone walked farther on the waters, but he is still not your source!’’
‘’This is the other side of the horse of mentorship, He said, rather than looking up and reaching out to Him(Yeshua) who authored and finished your salvation, aviation and navigation, you are fixated on Cephas, a great man, subject to like passions as you- who, when the storms get rough may question his own water-walking abilities. He could be flailing but you wouldn’t see it because you have reposed your faith in him.
You know there is another on the water, wielding absolute power and a peaceful mien, He is the Word you all launched out on and you know it’s Him you should make for, but you couldn’t be bothered because you feel He is too far from the boat and you; He is too busy, you are too small for Him to care about…’’
Understanding dawned on me and the weight lifted. I thanked the Wise one and strengthened my resolve. This is a new season, a time for me to train and reign, a time to get back to the teasing winds and the giddy heights, to my source, my Yeshua; a time to fly and make mother Eagle chirp with pride; a time to grow up and stay up. Yeshua, Cephas and I make an awesome team, but an unbeatable team already existed in Yeshua and I since the beginning of time and dimensions!
I bless God for you mother Eagle, soar and never grow weary. The values I learnt from you are priceless; they’d keep me in my expeditions. I have gleaned endlessly from your wisdom, strength, resilience and your passion. My story will be incomplete without you; you’ve been my friend, my family, my love. I look at you in the expanse of the sky and I know there is God. Everywhere you go, His glory will shine forth in you. Like I always say, I am a partaker of your grace, may my Yeshua keep you always.

P.S: I am not saying not to have or follow your mentors hard. There are valuable treasures they possess in themselves that you can easily access, these will save you a lot of head/heartache; in fact, these Cephases are sometimes human representatives of the Yeshua we cannot see with our retina-iris –pupils. The issue is, do not follow man so much that God and His word gets ousted in your life. You ride on God’s word; He is your wings and your wind. He is the one who sends you helpers on your way to fulfillment; don’t cherish the gift more than the giver.

With tweets, twigs and a direct look to the sun,
© Lily 2012.


6 thoughts on “Looking to Cephas

    • Holyparcel, man of great wisdom, strength & quick understanding. I wonder abt you too; you’re definitely the new Superman cos Christ in you is beautiful to behold. You’r a flavour to our lives. Thanks for the ever kind word & for endorsing this too. Thank you so much.

  1. Mo like everyone calls you now this is so masterfully pieced out.its just like an episode from the final quest series.am wondering who this mother eagle might be?thinking…….

  2. I wonder who mother eagle is too Mr Seantury… guess we’ll have to ask the only wise one. He knows the whole story. You read Rick Joyner’s books too much, a simple scene & you’re already seeing the ‘great battle’! Lol. All is well. Thanks for stopping by. Defy the sun in brightness; keep shining.

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