Days that stay with us

Sometimes they start out like any other normal day; sometimes they just don’t. You wake up to the putrid smell of burning wires; the wail of loss from the neighbors’: the whimpering, muffled cry of your spouse, or worse still, an eerily quiet house mourning the crisp farewell note on the table; the siren and flashing lights from the police cars; or the dreaded call from a relative. And from that moment on, everything loses its glitter.

That which used to tickle you becomes annoying. The sun would just not come out on time or it came too early. It either shines too bright or seems so shy, that it keeps hiding its smile behind the clouds. The once refreshing wind becomes biting and uninviting. And virtues lose their quiet beauty and vices take on interesting perspectives.

A steady descent into the grey low begins, the pit of your tummy is in perpetual turmoil and the pain in your heart will give no respite.

On the more permissive days, you could be the king of the world and none would be wiser. The day would smoothly roll by, everything answering to the name you gave them until suddenly, suddenly, they wouldn’t.

You wonder how the world could be so calm when yours is out of order.

A few songs ago, everything was so clear, so simple. What happened? How come he left; she wants a divorce; he’s dead; she cheated; you lost someone precious; they laid you off; you’re a suspect; you lost all you’ve ever worked for. How come?

All you’ve ever believed gets challenged and all you’ve ever celebrated, shaken. You question reality; doubt the truth, judge justice and fairness seem like a fable.
You have a question or two for God (if He really exists) and hard as you try, hope seem like an unreachable, angry distant cousin.

I have been there; I have tasted the rainbow of highs and witnessed the dreariness of not-so-high(s). The important thing is not to be so forgetful. When you are down, take ‘up’ with you, when all seem topsy-turvy with your world, hold on to memory of great days and the God who got you there.

The last thing you probably feel like is praise but give it to Him who is a master strategist. It doesn’t have to be a potential UK chartbuster kind of praise. Its sincerity is all that counts because the unchanging truth is that He Is with You through it all. You may not see Him; just trust Him enough to know that He will never leave an officer down.

It has little to do with your faithfulness (His faithfulness is not subject to yours) but it has a lot to do with your faith. God needs something to work with, and your faith (belief, trust) is it. Take up His word, encourage yourself, and take one day at a time- no rush.

This can’t possibly be the end.
The picture will get clearer and you will see that all things really do work together for the good of them that love God.

He loves you with His very life, the big question now is will you let Him show you?


3 thoughts on “Days that stay with us

  1. i stumbled on this piece. It started sad and it hit so close to home. i should have stopped reading but i had to continue

    • I am glad you didn’t stop reading.
      Each day has a story to tell, we are just always hopeful that the stories be ones whose memory we never want to trade for better ones.
      Thank you for being here, Mcbeechee.

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