Half Empty Or Empty?

Several analyses have been made about life. Many people have defined life as they see it. We’ve heard stuff like life’s a race; run it. Life’s bullshit. Life’s this, life’s that. It makes you wonder how many of them really took an objective look at this phenomenon before they christened it in their mother tongues. There are philosophies of life that have been handed down across generation, which are not even worthy of the daylight, yet their beneficiaries hug them to their chests like oxygen.


The question now is how do we know exactly what principles of life to take heed to, pursue or live by? I may not have all the answers but I know someone who does. Every of human’s circumstance and need is different from the last known one but underlying all that difference is the same basic need of purpose.


Every chest feels hollow and every day, empty, regardless of how much activity is packed into its constituent seconds. There is warmth and laughter around you but on the inside, you feel the chilly hands of hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness wrap itself around your heart. There is a certain point in life that no self pep-talk, experience, expertise, masochism, connection, price tag can get you to or through.

 That is the secret recipe behind the odd overachievers’ suicide, the Billionaires’ blank stare, the superstar’s fabled existence. Looking for something to fill the gapping hole. For him, the cup is not half empty, it seems to be leaking because severally, he has tried to fill it only to discover the more he pours, the emptier it gets.


 I have always been of the school of thought that life is what we make of it. Things do not just happen, it’s either we give them our consent through silence or refuse to grant an assent to things that happen in and around our lives. It has been said and I firmly believe that “Good things don’t just happen, you have to choose it and bad things will happen when there is no opposition.” The choice to remain half empty-filled or the choice to know that you know you are filled primarily and solely lies with us all.


 Every individual is searching…but the search must be done along the right directions before true satisfaction can ever be experienced. What ‘right’ is is relative because we were all born with different mindsets and ideas. But even then, we cannot fold our arms, cross our legs and simply chant “Qui sera sera”. What will be, man has a responsibility to himself to make be.

 Man was originally made to accommodate God in himself. This he seeks to fulfill; searching at times when he is not even sure what he is searching for. Only to discover-if he ever discovers- that the one he seeks was patiently waiting there all that time; waiting to be acknowledged. The TRUTH for all his questions and doubts, the Light for all his bleakness and hopelessness; the LIFE in place of the resounding, gnawing emptiness. That true connection to fulfilling life and quiet satisfaction for his soul. All wrapped up in one man. Jesus.


 In sustaining our various definitions of life, this simple truth has been kicked against, spat at, detested, loathed, ridiculed, underplayed mocked but nothing can be done against the truth but for it. Unto the man that would not even entertain the thoughts of an eternity or an eternal God, His quest for fulfillment, satisfaction, that extra umph of life, continues. That kind of life -even when filled with all kinds of activities- is sad and tasteless to the “lifer’s” bud. Nobody should have to live that way; either half empty (considered to be on the fence) or empty.


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