Premming Up-words

You might have to do carpentry work on your way to the throne

You might have to mend tents on your way to reaching the Gentiles and the world

You might have to catch fish before you catch men

You might have to wait (on) tables, before you are waited upon

You might have to wash others’ feet before you are worshiped

You might have to escape in a basket to get to your promise land

You might have to be forgotten with the sheep before you are crowned

You might have to escape execution before you write your revelation

You might have to act the fool before you could win a few

Because you are on the sometimes lonely road to destiny; there will be times like the crucifixion, when all you heard “God” say got challenged in your heart, things get messy and painful, things get dry and hope takes a walk, it’s unbearable(!), you don’t want to believe what’s happening. (How do you think the guys Jesus healed, gave hope to and taught- the guys that secretly admired Him and desperately wanted to believe He was who He claimed to be- felt when they saw Him mangled and He didn’t put up a fight?) The healer did not heal Himself; the deliverer did not pull a delivering ‘stunt’, the acclaimed King was hanging on wood!

Those who believed (in) Him kept quiet, no army was marshaled to fight for Him. He always was there for them, but who was there for him? In the midst of the multitude, he had never been more alone. And that was one disheartening picture.

At that time, notice what the King did, though He felt weak, bleak, alone and heartbroken, He prayed (Father forgive them…): He quoted scriptures, He understood the power of the Word; He showed mercy (…tonight, you will meet me in paradise…); He showed love( Mother behold your son…) among the other things that He did.

Out of that blackness, betrayal and pain, came the greatest expression of love the heavens and earth ever saw. And that day, our true destiny was sealed. God became man to die for and in the place of man,so that man can become God.


It might be hard and lonely but you are never alone

You might have to do the too-ordinary to get the extra ordinary

You may also have to do the extraordinary to achieve the considered mundane

You may be required for the ridiculous, the painful and the demeaning

But you will get all you ever wanted and more.

Look beyond yesterday, like our redemption story didn’t peak and crash at crucifixion and burial

Your life’s credits will not roll on a tragic note

Against the spectators’ supposed final scene preview at the cross on ‘good Friday’

The production continues and you no longer live in your yesterday

He is alive and so are you

He is risen and so should you

Now, tarry, wait, something’s been promised

The delivery is imminent, just wait

And… welcome to the future.

– Dedicated to Prem (a mentor and an inspiration), sorry I’m behind schedule.


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