Point Def.

Beyond the point where the sky meets the sea
At the point where laughter mingles with tears
The point where pains numb and pleasures coalesce
The point where the evaporated condenses;

At the point where sworn enemies become love-bond brothers
At the point where the docked drifts a-sea
The point of quiet conviction and raging assuredness
The point where the elastic limit becomes the starting point;

At the point where yes, no and maybe are worlds apart
At the point where love meets brokenness and imparts strength
The point of gravity defiance
The point where princes are crowned and kingdoms mapped out;

At the point where the clouds roll back and reveal gold-tinted blue skies
At the point of beauty, grace and edification
The point where highs are not temporal and addictions are broken
The point where the birds sing and their songs carry to your very soul;

A point defined not by physics or its dynamics
Defined not by philosophy or any other science
Point beyond human understanding or angels’ comprehension
Defined by love and punctuated by Grace;

At that point
I lay my case, rest my weary brows and cool my perched lips
The point of mercy, forgiveness, healing, freedom, wholeness and peace
The point of possibilities… Won’t you join me?


12 thoughts on “Point Def.

    • Words are lame in descibing the point, only the heart can grasp a true glimpse of it. what a point! thank you for reading and for the comment too 🙂


  1. Most certainly I will. You paint an enchanting picture my dear. You had my heart ascending wit every word, d speed wit which i read dat…. God bless You Mo.

    Our Eldorado, point def. Me likey mo, me really do. Infact let me go and read it again….and again…..and again….

    • Gee, mo’god, thanks! I was trying to be like you with the rhymes but it was going off-base and i discovered that rhyming is a gift! lol. The whole thing started with the words “quite conviction and raging assuredness” ringing on my mind over and over…


  2. quiet conviction has been my companion since i was 7. It gets hard sometimes to find the truth or to recognise that shimmering lustre hidden by its dusty ore. But when you do and you know that you have,you know that nothing on earth can move you.
    ‘The wind howls at the mountain,but though silent it will not be moved’.
    You wrote a beautiful piece Lily.

    • Hmmn hmm hmm! no matter how ‘tough’ the thunder is, it will never tear up the sky! thank you sir, am honored to have you read and comment on this. And quiet conviction since the age of 7? wao! that’s so sweet. You got to skip SOME of the messy confused stages…i think am jealous! lol
      You are a great man and it tickles my heart to have known you.

  3. raging assuredness.
    Quiet conviction.
    Storms nonetheless.
    The real me resides in a point beyond reach.
    So i cant be ruffled, tussled or troubled.
    You may think u see me.
    Iceberg me, 90% beneath the surface.
    Securely ensconced in point def…unfazable.

    To be continued…

    U av let me be blogging on ur own blog now…

    • hahaha…please, don’t let me stop you: ‘iceberg you, 90% beneath the surface’…please don’t cause Titanic to capsize oh! lol. thanks igod!


    • my darling! oh you came by! thank you so much, Perfect is an understatement. Together we stand in the glory of His presence. this is the only home that we know…no shaking!

  4. Why not? Although right from cradle, mum warned me not 2 go 2 strange places, amma join you on diz particular trip…no other place can b as soothing & peaceful! ***thumbs-up***

    • Dont worry, even mum will approve cos this is no strange place. Home is where the heart is, right? This is the true home for every heart. The place of our birth. thanks ‘boo’!

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