I cast a stone!

No, I did not cast something in stone, I cast a stone! I don’t know if its the first to be cast or not but please what was I thinking when I picked that well-rounded stone of condemnation and threw it at the already broken offender?

I cast a stone at a sister whom the king trusted me to help, encourage and strengthen. Wonder whom I momentarily thought i was defending: myself? my pious beliefs? The faith or the judge Himself? Did I even think at all? I remembered to rehash all the other wrongs that had been suffered in her hands and decided that I was having none of it. Not anymore.

I remembered her ‘sins’ but I did not remember my responsibility towards her. I had cooked up reasons to justify my actions but can any really make them justified?

I cast a stone at another after the order of David but this time, the man on the receiving end is not some arrogant, God-defying Philistine, even if he was, we are past the era of jungle justice, there is a righteous judge and He is not me.

From the very ground that bears the master’s writ I picked my weapon; because I didn’t trust in my arm’s carry through, I employed a sling for my stone, so you can call this premeditated and it wouldn’t be a lie.
Though my intention was not to knock him out, still, I aimed at his head. I saw vulnerability and took a shot.

I cast a stone at my own brother and others who are not members of our household saw the opportunity to cast theirs also. Even those who are, saw me do it and started fingering different sizes of stones. He was down already, must he be wiped out because of a mistake?

What was i thinking?! How could I have done this? I cast a stone… but enough! A moment more must not be wasted, my brother I must help up in love, my sister’s pains I must share in understanding. I must tend to their wounds! Another stone that I can help must not land on them, for their Father forgave and justified them, why should I condemn them? Why should I judge, when I make my own stone-worthy mistakes and lean on His grace?

I cast a stone but even I have been forgiven for that slip up and now I go on to accept Love’s extended hand, forgive myself and move on…casting a stone no more!


8 thoughts on “I cast a stone!

  1. I do hope yours was not the first stone cast…
    Hmmm, i remember reading somewhere that the church is the only organisation that kills its wounded soldiers. Its either All or None. Which is far from what Christ practiced. I pray that we all climb down from our self exalted pious seat and be our brothers keepers. May God help us all

    • First or hundredth, the act itself is bad enough. Remember stephen? i wonder if it mattered who cast the first stone…am sure it didnt. and sometimes when we (the body of christ) do it, we give it another name to decieve ourselves we are not condemning or judging others. how God must laugh @ our superb attempt @ foolishness! how the Head of the churrch (Christ) must be pained by our stone-throwing tantrums. May we grow in knowledge and our eyes of understanding be enlightened.


  2. This is well written. A call to self-righteous individuals to help rather than take down further those who already are down, to follow what the scriptures commanded. “Whoever has no sin in him let him cast the first stone” was the statement of the saviour. No one should appoint himself a judge over others when he could just be doing the same or even worse.

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  4. Mi lady,this is very cool.I never knew u were this good………….am bookmarkin this blog right away.
    I av cast many stones o…………& I know I deserve some rocks on ma head. lol. But this article has reminded me that.’Richard dont pick any stones,u also deserve ’em. thanks ore. this is a blessin to me

    • thanks Rich. Am glad you enjoyed it. it would be a whole other story if someone said they’d never ever cast a stone before (whoever says that should be stoned!…just joking). both the ‘stoner’ and the ‘stonee’ belong to one who boldly tells us there is no condemnation for us. And i think that oughta settle it. Thanks again, i appreciate this.

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