I owe you the best of me at all times, if anything happens to truncate that, forgive me


I owe you love and respect no matter what

I owe you the truth even if you do not want to hear it or I do not feel like telling it


I owe you a listening ear and a helping hand when you are swamped

I owe you laughter, inspiration, support, help, edifying words and a shoulder to cry on


I owe you a loving scold when you’re obviously messing up and you’re oblivious of it

I owe you a hug when life gets ‘too much’ for you to bear or for when you just need a friend


I owe you a pen to write your plans down and encouragement when the going gets tough

I owe you a clink of glass and a toast when the deal comes through


I owe you faith and forgiveness (as the case may be) for every time and for all times

I owe you prayers and a light on your path


I owe you a call or a message to check on you every now and then

I owe you a fight for our friendship when life’s busy-ness threatens to erode the bond that we share


I owe you a presence of mind and understanding but not unnecessary indulgence

I do not owe you my life, but I owe you an introduction to the LIFE


I owe you no apologies for being me, I tried somebody else but I sucked at it

Me is the best I can be


I owe you, I know I owe you and I receive the grace to be good for payment every single time

I owe it to you…but I do not think you owe me anything back

I simply know and accept my responsibility and it is not dependent on what you do or fail to do

Whatever I get from you, I do not take for granted, but I charge you(I owe you that much!), wake up and accept your responsibilities too.

oh! And I owe you appreciation too… thanks for being a part of my life 🙂



Inspired by: Femi Jacobs



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