Heartbreaker’s creed

The scales fall off and I find; I am not into you anymore.
The blinding colours are gone and I see things in depressing white-black.
I travelled in time. When the capsule burst, I found I’ve been fast forwarded to a future time. A time: when the passion is forced until you can’t be bothered to even try- passion that right now, sets the ocean ablaze:

when what used to make laugh, makes cry;
when you are disillusioned, irritable and judgmental:

A time when I’d have to fight to get your attention- attention that you presently lavish on me;
when trusting you will require superpowers, sap my energy and weary my soul- trust that I now so effortlessly give:

A time when we disconnect and lead separate lives within the unending circle of a wedding band- lives that are so intertwined now, that we can’t identify where you end and I begin;

Time when what I presently consider cute about you, becomes vain and annoying;
when your career, your friends, fame, money and power are your prime interests and I, a mere distraction;

Time when our favourite song make us feel nostalgic but neither of us can look the other in the eye, let alone dance;
when we privately long for the us that used to be, but egos would grant no access;

Time when you trace your first mistake in the relationship to saying hello back; agreeing to be mine, heck, to saying I do, because, you wish you hadn’t;
when I love you’s are cold meals served on cold beds by cold hearts;

Time when the kids are the reason you come home;when you only touch me or speak to me when our friends are around;
when we simply live together to keep up appearances and we often wonder what we saw in each other in the first place:

I refrain from insulting your intelligence by saying it’s me, not you

I took an expensive trip to the future and I don’t like what I see.
Sure, letting go is hard but sticking close is harder still.

I see the signs: so far, I’ve only chosen to see what I want and I have believed what I will;
I am in the future and it does not look like I am only here for a visit.

I hear you say, that is the fear talking, but no. This is not a coward’s excuse. It is not a heartbreaker’s anthem, neither is it the loser’s creed. Really, it takes strength to see clearly and say it the way it is. That is all the strength that I have, besides, with you, I am simply jaded.

On second thought, maybe it is… the heartbreaker’s creed.


5 thoughts on “Heartbreaker’s creed

  1. dis doesnt look or feel like fiction to me. It seems sm1 has indeed taken a journey thru a time capsule.

    A wise man once said, d future is always in constant motion and once you get a glimpse of it, it changes. I.e. Wat u saw is wat wld happen by ur unconscious steps, d moment you see dat picture, you tend to start taking concious steps so the outcome can NEVER be the same.

    Suffice to say, you know what to do, dont make rash decisions based on your ‘glimpse’.

    As always, it was a good read. You really are something with words, you make them come alive. Kudos Mo’

    • Hello. Thanks for the insight.

      But you do know one of the most admirable characters of a good fiction is its ability to come across as real?
      And that of a good writer (thank you very much) and or good actor is the ability to put on different thinking caps and (immerse himself in or ) take on a character so totally.

      + read between the lines, I tried to adopt both the male and female psyche.

      And finally, all relationships are faith ventures. At some point, we have the dark ‘what if’ moments a la glimpses, but, if we let them overtake us, we will never give love a chance to be.
      So, like you said, no dumb decisions must be made in those times.

      That said, yes, we do have to be vigilant and ‘shine’ our eyes. The future must not be mortgaged.

      Thanks abunch General Hasarla!

  2. Yet again, the word ‘jaded’ breaks through the surface of the sea of thoughts…but my intent here is not to point out the one behind the mask, but to appreciate the visage for what it is, in and of itself. And to that I say…Hats off.

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