Qui Sera…Castles!

I had always been interested in unreal estate. As a child I spent many a-hour planning my holdings, when I grew up and figured I could actually afford one, I spent a long time looking for an appropriate building space…
I sat me down, got me a pen and a paper piece and dusted my costing skills. It seemed heavy, will be expensive, but I can not tuck this castle away in a little box to hide.
From the foundation to the structure, all the way to the grand opening, I got everything down pat. From the valets to the cooks, gardeners and butlers;from the mini ranch outback to the rocky springs, the golf course,the incredibly large library (open on select days to the public) and the airstrips for my winged properties;(perhaps even a fort- for good measure), the orchards boasting of cherries, apples and different kinds of lilies; the detached buildings open to retreat lovers, all the way to the flower-scented, God-permeated atmosphere,everything was on ground except of course, the ground itself.
And that’s just a rough description of one castle of very many! Sshhhh!

Recently though, I learnt that in more ways than one, castles actually belong in the air. They belong in your imagination first, you just have to find a solid piece to land them on. Depending on how you look at it, your mind could either be the air or the ground… (but that’s story for another post).
Air castles are dreamers’ stuff; you fight unseen battles to work them out. They are fights for dreams only you see. It’s not wrong to perfect your castles, do the interior décor and even get your feng shui going- in the air.
It’d be injustice on your part though if you don’t work towards ‘rooting’ it and showing it to the world- giving them something to whoa about and sending someone else’ dream-pulse into much needed overdrive!
It’d be sad and unjust if your dream just remained in your sleep ‘cause you refused to (stay up and) do something about it in order to make it real. Posterity deserves better, in fact, you deserve better.

Hevercastle (UK)

Now, it’s all on you! Let’s get cracking.

Race you to crazy-awesome castles!

With dreams, title deeds,
bricks and measuring tapes


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