Raising Isaiah

Tried to arise but I couldn’t feel my legs
Tried to shine but I didn’t believe I could
Knew my light came somewhere but I thought I couldn’t handle a spotlight
Knew your glory rose on me but I felt I wasn’t worthy

Trying to rise but my knees are buckling
Trying to shine but all I can manage is a flicker
Know my light has come but I keep feeling for a switch
Know your glory is risen on me but what to do with it?

Your *word came and set me on my feet- as I, in faith received it
In the understanding of Your grace and glory
I lose the consciousness of sin and jumped out of the bushels
As a proud city of God, set on a hill
full of light and glory
I shine

I shine and nations are drawn to the reality of Your beauty
‘Cause You are in me and I in You;
You are the light and have so made me

Arise, shine
For your light has come
And the glory of the Lord
Is risen upon you
(Isaiah 60:1)

*The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit and Life.John 6:63


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