Cape a-drape

Maybe I vented, just a little. Maybe I projected what wasn’t yours unto you.
You do not deserve to be so treated, I know. But I needed a scapegoat, you see… and I’m sorry, you were it.

Tired of living every moment in a spandex trunk from Krypton, why can’t I be the woman in the red trench coat and long silk gloves?
Why can’t I drape my cape, loosen the severe bun and allow my hair a kiss at the nape of my neck, spread my arms and have my world give me a hug, just because.

Being superwoman is not as rewarding as it looks. I just want to be a woman- a man, if you will. I want to be vulnerable, I want to let the hurt that I feel show in my hazel eyes.

I want to shed tears sometimes and not have it taken for some grand weakness.
I want respite from saving perilious babies (from burning buildings) and men from brewing brawls.

Tired of hunting down bad guys, I desire the love of a good one.
I want a breath of fresh air away from boardroom battles and social protocols observance.

I want to kick back and relax; let someone else be the hero for a while.
When the next whistle blows, I don’t want to be rearing to fly, but be one of the anonymous screaming fans in a booth at the playoffs.

I want to proudly stand behind the scene or stand with the applauding audience and let someone else shine in the spotlight.
I want to eat hotdogs at the street corner and not have it make the News.

I want to be pampered, I want to be rescued too.
Sometimes, I’m out of breath and I need help; sometimes I need the kiss of life too.

I do not detest the weight of my responsibilities, I just want to be appreciated for who I am and not merely for what I do.

I want vulnerable. And I want it with you.

I may have communicated that in a wrong way, forgive me, will you? It was a smothered cry for help.

I know you say you understand, but I also know you wish it didn’t happen. I wish I could swish my cape and make it go away, but I want you to know that I too, hurt.


6 thoughts on “Cape a-drape

  1. To begin with, words belie the ecstasy that spiraled through my spine when the pixels of your colourful page settled on my retina. Pardon the seeming bombast, but the truth is, I have an eye for colors and your page’s outlook got to me. That said, now, let me go read a piece….

  2. Yeah, am back. Quite an expressive and emotive piece there: When we just wanna (and need to) steal away from the mask, monotony, and mundaneness of our job + lifestyle, let down our hair and be “normal”…at least for once.

    [NB: Got a little distracted by the twice-occurring “breathe” (verb) which I think should be “breath” (noun).]

    I WILL come again.

    • Yes, certain expectations become attached to people based on their offices/responsibilities. And we generally tend to forget that “the best of men, is at best, a man”.

      For me, it is quite a big deal that you were here, Bunmi Oke.
      Thanks. And thanks for the freshness of “breath” that your comments released:-)

    • The sweetest girl ever! You had me from the ‘name’ on… your blog is beautiful. The theme, layout, content and the joie de vivre personality… all so beautiful.
      Glad &proud to have you here. Thank you. Enjoy your IT. :-*

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