Tickled toes


Travel the Universe in your imagination
Crater the Sun, reset the Moon
Tickle the stars and give the sky a hug
Woo the springs, sing with the birds
Whisper to the Onyx, nestle the corals and dance with the Dolphins
Turn the tides, touch the ocean floor, kiss the reeds, and capture a thunder
Rise with the mist, catch a shooting star
Swing from the trees, unearth gold
Twirl on a taut rope, jog with a Cheetah, sip on love
Put down the stone in your hand, etch a poem on it, give your anger to the echoing mountains
Smile, laugh, curl your toes and open your mind
Tame your pounding heart and take a step to-ward your dream
Enjoy what you do have
Celebrate life

8 thoughts on “Tickled toes

    • my oh my! Thanks Damilare. there are no grey areas in this (blarrqwyat), you’re simply a literary blessing in my word world.
      I totally get your mirror statement, I could sit on your blog all day… such reflective beauty! I should leave more footprints there… 🙂
      I thank God for His wisdom at work in you.You rock.

  1. ….and folks wonder why I love owl city!! *stuff like these are the fabric of my dreams…. *not too shabby… not too shabby at all. 🙂

    • Lol. Sure rabbi ykowis, the fabric of your dreams is not too shabby at all :-p
      Thanks for dropping by and for the new bookmark too 🙂
      Don’t forget the mail-follow now, it’s waaay better.

    • Awww, that’s heartwarming, thanks.
      I am super psyched that at least, some folks are getting it.
      Moral: no matter how out and out you think it is, it’s all probably just in your head; you’d be surprised it makes tonnes of sense to someone.

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