The Heart Whisperer

As I make my way back to my seat in the midst of the rousing ovation, the small voice was unmistakeable, it was insistent and clear.

“Well?” the voice says

“Well, wow!” I say, “This is some great reception. Are you seeing this? Almost everyone is on their feet clapping” I continue.

I hear the dry chuckle in my heart.

“Huh huh, and you made certain you did not say a word of what you were suppose to.”

I carefully take my seat, adjust my cuffs, and make a show of rearranging the sullen looking cutlery on the table- which seem to have perked up with interest at the conversation (or is that reflection from the sunshine whose cunny rays have somehow boycotted the barricade of the heavy shutters?)

The ambience in the room is great, the lights are low, the mood is relaxed and everybody is friendly; back pats, handshakes, air kisses and almost warm hugs.

“You were given an in-season word for some in this room, and you traded that for intelligent sounding vowels and impressive consonants, because you doubted the acceptance of the original message.
That was a brilliant talk, but sadly, you’ve hardly taken a seat, and it’d probably be the camcorder alone that remembers what you said and is truly affected by it.

You see, God’s word (read message) never goes empty, His counsel is ever sure, His division is precise and His direction, accurate. He backs up what He says with power and whom He sends, with authority. Did He endorse what you just said?”

“Okay” I silently retort, “so maybe I didn’t exactly say what needed to be said out there, but I emphatically implied it.
Potential connection to big players in this continent is just an introduction, or a nod of acknowledgement away in a place like this”
“Besides”, I continue, “I think there are certain things that are basic knowledge, going on about them would look like I didn’t know my onions, my brilliance was under a laser microscope out there.
The way I see it, that was a make or break speech. It determines whether I am in or out, and if I am out, how can I ever reach them for God?” I rush on to respond, in time to catch the admiring glance and silent courtesy of the beautiful wife of a well known politician.

“So it’s about your status then? You say IT determines…?”

“No, no”, I cut in, “ it is not about my status. But you have taught that wisdom is profitable to direct, and I simply employed wisdom there.”

In a gentle but firm voice, he says, “It’s interesting that you choose to employ wisdom rather than allow wisdom ’employ’ you. Have you forgotten who the person of wisdom is?
Christ is wisdom; the word of God. He is understanding and direction”

I adjust on the seat, “What I meant to say is: of course, He is my priority”.

“What do you think is His priority?

People! They are the subject of Love’s unfailing affection. You. Them. Your well being in every facet of life.

People. Everyday people: the bigwigs that many feel too awed to talk to about Christ, the homeless bum you’re too pious to give a kind word; the teary eyed other at the Hospital gate, the tattered kid, the old man, the bubbly youth, the jaded divorcee, the man in the prestigious white house, Mr CEO, Miss celeb, the Forbes list-er… they are all just humans, mortals, hurting, needing help somewhere and needing God.

The precious souls behind the sunglasses and rafter caps; them in the latest model cars and designer labels; and the ones in the scorching sun and on bare foot. They are all the same priority on God’s list and He loves them and has had His love commended towards them. The word is His way of reaching out, because he wants them to know how He loves them.

Besides, as basic as basic knowledge sounds, not everybody has it. What you’ve taken for granted since you were barely a boy could be a surprising, life altering insight to a 60 y/o somewhere.
Stop psychoanalysing God’s ways and intent, just open your mouth, let Him fill it. There is enablement and life in God’s word…”

There I am, I just gave the most impressive speech of my life and had the room on its feet, but I knew in my heart that I had hidden the truth. In the hope of affiliations- of nuisance value- and some crumbs of stale bread, I had chosen to scratch itching ears rather than feed hungry hearts. In a haystack of ‘intelligence’, I had set the truth ablaze.
But it will not die, the truth will not disappear just because I had been disobedient about sharing it. It will forever the truth remain.

The next speaker walked on stage after an impressive heralding bio was read and the thunder of applause swallowed up my thoughts. Until another time.



With a word, a pink hammer,

apples of gold and silver frames
©Lily 2013


10 thoughts on “The Heart Whisperer

    • “…That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” is one of my favourite scriptures 🙂
      I appreciate this succinct summary, Temitope. You’re a 10! Thank you.

  1. Hmmm… Lily, God bless you!!…no man should be feared as against speaking the truth in God’s word…those dignitaries you’re holding back the truth from need it even more…

    Every man is ordinary, it’s only the position they occupy or the wealth they possess that make us look at them differently…as if they own the world.

    i workd with a boss evryone feared so much and from there, i discoverd pple were only scared of the office she was holding and not her…take away money from a rich man and he’s nothing…then take away the truth in God’s word from a msg then you’ve just entertained!
    God wil help us to have no regards for men and our intelligence when it comes to saying d truth cos we can preach the word and not preach the truth in the word…

    • This is what happens on several occasions, we plug in to opinions rather than chart new courses, we play safe & never get to know what God could have wrought with our obedience.
      Amen, we are greatly helped.
      God bless you too Tjosh :-), do come visit the page again, thanks.

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