Knuckling through zero-G

Last summer, I went on a neck-snapping roller coaster ride. It was at a ride known as the voyage –reputed to have been the world’s scariest wooden ride at some point in history.
For days after the experience, besides being painfully aware of every muscle in my neck, I would constantly have the vertigo sensation whenever I was falling asleep and would immediately jolt back to wakefulness. 
I also found myself gripping the edge of my seat in a car when the driver negotiates a meandering road. And I subconsciously relived the screams from the ride whenever everything around me goes eerily quiet.
Needless to say, I was over the experience and desperately wanted normalcy back in my days. 

My friends and I would later joke that it was traumatic for me, largely because I refused to get on a few other rides like the voyage, no matter how much simpler they looked or how much fun the riders seemed to be having.  





However, when the year vomited some real trauma onto my path, I knew that although vertigo and kinetosis pointed to a loss of control on prevailing circumstances, they were a far cry from being the symptoms of a life gone rogue.
Unlike my post-voyage experience, I found a daily charter, to help me fall asleep in peace and pry my blue knuckles off the corners of despair. It helped me put things in perspective in small ways and live through a day at a time. 
It was nothing deep, just a sticky note reminder of sorts.
And I’m passing it along, hoping it helps someone that may be going through life’s unapologetic roller coaster toss or a dark motionless tunnel: 

Don’t be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to be by yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed by your own company.
Entertain your own thoughts, go one better, entertain His thoughts.

You are not broken, you are in good company; you are in good hands.

Don’t be in a hurry for companionship or love or even close friendships. Just be.

Be healthy, be happy, take baby steps and then giant strides.
Stop letting the days roll over you with no paths.
Make a record of something, in bits, per day.

Love. In truth. Per day.
Let go.
If you find pieces of worrisome weight on your mind when you wake up, let go afresh, everyday.
Cry if you need to, then wipe your tears and practice a smile.

Pour out your heart to your Father, as often as you need.
Make faces at the puffy eyed image reflected at you in the mirror
Then laugh: The sound of your laughter is glorious.

It’s okay to feel crushed, but remember, there is not a weak bone in you.
And you have a fighting chance to be the strongest when you are rocked to your knees.




7 thoughts on “Knuckling through zero-G

  1. Orez mi……Thanks for sharing the wise words. Side Note….Be prepared for that fun ride again this summer……Orlando it is…… 🙂

  2. Make faces at the puffy eyed image reflected at you in the mirror….Then laugh: The sound of your laughter is glorious……..these words are priceless! More words!

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