Who made them with minds?

“Oh my! Honey, come look. Quick! This was not in the specifications! They seem to possess a strange ability. Sweet Lord! They came with… minds!? What did we do to deserve this? We are nice people, whom did we offend?”

My somewhat overworked mind came up with this scenario for the first set of parents when they found out that their precious children had minds of their own.


It’s not as if they thought they were getting a dummy for a child, but they certainly thought this baby was going to function exactly like they want it to -according to their inputs and that alone. Well, he is allowed to make deductions and decisions but those too should be as they (the parents) would make them, and not so differently.

Let’s explore the first parents a little more, shall we? Imagine an alternate universe, (so, stop thinking Adam and Eve already :)).

Time was freshly conceived and the starter had not yet started counting. Wish we could, but we cannot call it 0000BC, just because.

The baby came and was all pink and fuzzy. This was the being they had adored sight unseen. s/he finally comes and adoration meter shoots to the end of the scale, right before the nappy changes and sleepless nights.

I can imagine them sharply sucking in their breath in unfeigned outrage at the first audacious display of independence. That is ridiculous, I know, but these are the first parents, with no experiential or scientific information to go by. How would they know what to expect? (Yo! Stop thinking ‘wisdom’ and ‘instincts’, dude, this here is a spoof)

The child grows and so does this strange phenomenon. She prefers to swim rather than learn Music. He wants quiet when you think he should be among his peers. She wants to build Rockets, you think Medicine or Law sounds more practical. He dreams of becoming a Chef, you think: “not on your life”

Before the invention of the ‘be who you want to be’ phrase, I wonder how these folks managed. They may have gone through denial, anguish, disappointment, felt cheated, be struck with wonderment as this little fella mirrors what they do and still somehow ends up being his/her own self.

One minute, they are teaching him Arithmetic and his adoring eyes make them feel like heroes, the next, he is all smart and lecturing them on Quantum Physics.
They prefer the storybook promise of permanence but this child keeps his Chameleon outfit fashionable.


Parents generally feel pride at their kids’ achievements but it seems they constantly try to preserve a hold with their usual attack/defense being that they have been around longer than you, seen more, and well, know better. It is not uncommon to hear things like “who is the Parent here?”, “who got to this world first between you and I?”

It is understandable that parents may tend to worry and be overly concerned for their children. It’s natural. Especially as all children are wont to think they have seen it all and they are both street-smart and world-savvy (which is also natural).
You would be concerned too if you were them- as a child is a piece of you running around in the world, and you, all things being equal, want the best for him/her.
Sometimes also, you may be wanting to live vicariously through the child, making available your missed opportunities and correcting the mistakes you figure you made in life through them.
Noble intentions, but er… NO. Guide, support, nurture, advise, scold, help, gently push (where necessary), protect even, but do not impose… let them be all they want to be.

Love would do that.


I appreciate the fact that parenting is hard work, it takes a lifetime, tonnes of patience, strength, flexibility and a warehouse of wisdom.
Honour your parents, love them (in spirit and in deed), respect and cherish them. Even if some things have gone wrong between you guys or they have rubbed you the wrong way, they are human, no catalogue or manual came with you at birth, neither did any suddenly appear as you grow.
Besides, you were way too awesome to correctly assess and for some time there, they were silently wondering who made you with that mind!

You’ll see, when you get to be a parent too, more than once, about your child, you will find yourself pondering: where did s/he get that mind? I hope you remember your growing up and swallow your dosage prescription of chill pills then. 😀

Actually, I think the first parents (refer above) would have been sorely disappointed if the child hadn’t come with a mind of its own. But hey,

That’s my story
I’m sticking with it
for reading this
beautifully ridiculous piece.
Parents Rock!


Cape a-drape

Maybe I vented, just a little. Maybe I projected what wasn’t yours unto you.
You do not deserve to be so treated, I know. But I needed a scapegoat, you see… and I’m sorry, you were it.

Tired of living every moment in a spandex trunk from Krypton, why can’t I be the woman in the red trench coat and long silk gloves?
Why can’t I drape my cape, loosen the severe bun and allow my hair a kiss at the nape of my neck, spread my arms and have my world give me a hug, just because.

Being superwoman is not as rewarding as it looks. I just want to be a woman- a man, if you will. I want to be vulnerable, I want to let the hurt that I feel show in my hazel eyes.

I want to shed tears sometimes and not have it taken for some grand weakness.
I want respite from saving perilious babies (from burning buildings) and men from brewing brawls.

Tired of hunting down bad guys, I desire the love of a good one.
I want a breath of fresh air away from boardroom battles and social protocols observance.

I want to kick back and relax; let someone else be the hero for a while.
When the next whistle blows, I don’t want to be rearing to fly, but be one of the anonymous screaming fans in a booth at the playoffs.

I want to proudly stand behind the scene or stand with the applauding audience and let someone else shine in the spotlight.
I want to eat hotdogs at the street corner and not have it make the News.

I want to be pampered, I want to be rescued too.
Sometimes, I’m out of breath and I need help; sometimes I need the kiss of life too.

I do not detest the weight of my responsibilities, I just want to be appreciated for who I am and not merely for what I do.

I want vulnerable. And I want it with you.

I may have communicated that in a wrong way, forgive me, will you? It was a smothered cry for help.

I know you say you understand, but I also know you wish it didn’t happen. I wish I could swish my cape and make it go away, but I want you to know that I too, hurt.

The Exodus Case

There is something about this picture…

Yes, THIS picture.

Uh uh, that one.
There they are, walking on the Sea floor! Imagine how tall the walls of water to their sides are. How ominous and precarious it must look. The sight inspires awe, the concept itself is mind-boggling.

For a moment, let the world be and let’s take this delightful journey together.

Wait a sec, are HD & 3D technologies mutually exclusive? Doesn’t matter, we are merging both :-D, let’s go!

Imagine a bustling sea separate and flow backwards before our very eyes. The maker that commanded its boundaries in the beginning, stepped in, and the ocean rumbles back.


**If the water continually flows forward, when the sea parts, isn’t everything on the on-flow path suppose to reduce to trickles and then maybe go dry? That will be tantamount to halting the waters and setting new boundaries. But then again, that will discount the facts of tidal waves and currents.
No matter.

They see this gapping, amazing, paralyzing sight but the dreadful thought of the Egyptian torture jolts their hearts and feet to action.

Fast forward ⤍⤍
So, they hoist on their backpacks (lol. No? rucksacks then? …Well, you get the picture) and go through…

At this exact moment, what goes through their minds? I am sure not everyone is synced in faith. C’mon, this is Israel we are talking about here, there would be that guy thinking: “You’ve got to be kidding me”, the random one thinking “what if the water-wall collapses?”, the more logic-wired one, wondering: “What freak of nature caused this?”.
Or were they too preoccupied with fear of what’s behind to be bothered/enthralled by the unusualness of the help they’re getting; to be in awe of their going-through experience; to be excited about their helper or their future? Surely whoever can suspend natural laws for our sakes will stop at nothing to help us? Who was it in the fold silently cussing director Moses out?
I don’t put anything past those guys.

Is any (say a child) curious enough to run their hand through the wall of water as they walk past it?
Is it glazed? I doubt that.

An abrupt spring containing a boisterous sea!

The testimonial roar of crashing waves on the other side must be majestic, impaling the sound of million footsteps. Or, wait a minute, is it all just so quiet you would not even know there was water there? I feel like clapping and jumping at the picture my Dad painted with His Israel, His pride.
A track, no please, make that a huge road network in the middle of the sea, successfully landscaped- to either flaunt the amazing “ocean deep” or navigate around it.
Five(5) minutes ago, it was not conceivable and now, not only do we see it, but we walk the length of it and get to trail our fingers through walls of water as we go!
*okay, if they went in vehicles like the picture depicts, the savour would be lost. Thank God they walked. 🙂
What? we are on the scene together, remember?

Moving on.
Are there shells or precious stones bared on the seabed? Plants? Reeds? Nobody noticed?! oh, right, a promised mean war was fast gaining ground behind.

Hey, this is not plan B for God, He is not in a hurry, disconcerted or flustered, not about getting His people out, not about the Egyptians in hot pursuit, not about anything. Not at all: Not ever. He had this planned since the beginning, so I don’t put a display of splendour in an already majestic situation, past Him. Easy. He specializes in such.

Back to the scene.
The guy that dared run his hand on the wall, was he shouted upon, severely warned (I can almost hear them say “oh, you have brought woe upon us, what if the water crashes now?” fear, uncertainty…) or was he stared down in ominous silence? Did anybody even dare to be lost in the wonder of walking on dry land/trickling/lapping water smack in the middle of a sea?

Maybe not in a war, but this is a one-time experience; enjoying the moment when God steps in, it is definitely worthwhile. But we can get so boggled with what the situation looks like that we miss the amazing details of Israel’s God in the middle of a sea. The “man” is an artist afterall.

Enjoy the process of God. He is still in charge. Infinitely better now, He resides on your inside. And what more, you can choose to roll the sea up, roll out a bridge on it or step on out and walk on the waters! Haha. True. The force of faith is that astounding.

Things may look so difficult now, but He is working it out, if you see pearls on this journey, pick them and gather gold. This is His fight, His trip, enjoy it.

He (the greater one) lives… in you.

I hope this encourages someone.

Thank you for taking the trip with me, you rock!

**MP, this one’s for you 🙂

Heartbreaker’s creed

The scales fall off and I find; I am not into you anymore.
The blinding colours are gone and I see things in depressing white-black.
I travelled in time. When the capsule burst, I found I’ve been fast forwarded to a future time. A time: when the passion is forced until you can’t be bothered to even try- passion that right now, sets the ocean ablaze:

when what used to make laugh, makes cry;
when you are disillusioned, irritable and judgmental:

A time when I’d have to fight to get your attention- attention that you presently lavish on me;
when trusting you will require superpowers, sap my energy and weary my soul- trust that I now so effortlessly give:

A time when we disconnect and lead separate lives within the unending circle of a wedding band- lives that are so intertwined now, that we can’t identify where you end and I begin;

Time when what I presently consider cute about you, becomes vain and annoying;
when your career, your friends, fame, money and power are your prime interests and I, a mere distraction;

Time when our favourite song make us feel nostalgic but neither of us can look the other in the eye, let alone dance;
when we privately long for the us that used to be, but egos would grant no access;

Time when you trace your first mistake in the relationship to saying hello back; agreeing to be mine, heck, to saying I do, because, you wish you hadn’t;
when I love you’s are cold meals served on cold beds by cold hearts;

Time when the kids are the reason you come home;when you only touch me or speak to me when our friends are around;
when we simply live together to keep up appearances and we often wonder what we saw in each other in the first place:

I refrain from insulting your intelligence by saying it’s me, not you

I took an expensive trip to the future and I don’t like what I see.
Sure, letting go is hard but sticking close is harder still.

I see the signs: so far, I’ve only chosen to see what I want and I have believed what I will;
I am in the future and it does not look like I am only here for a visit.

I hear you say, that is the fear talking, but no. This is not a coward’s excuse. It is not a heartbreaker’s anthem, neither is it the loser’s creed. Really, it takes strength to see clearly and say it the way it is. That is all the strength that I have, besides, with you, I am simply jaded.

On second thought, maybe it is… the heartbreaker’s creed.