The Exodus Case

There is something about this picture…

Yes, THIS picture.

Uh uh, that one.
There they are, walking on the Sea floor! Imagine how tall the walls of water to their sides are. How ominous and precarious it must look. The sight inspires awe, the concept itself is mind-boggling.

For a moment, let the world be and let’s take this delightful journey together.

Wait a sec, are HD & 3D technologies mutually exclusive? Doesn’t matter, we are merging both :-D, let’s go!

Imagine a bustling sea separate and flow backwards before our very eyes. The maker that commanded its boundaries in the beginning, stepped in, and the ocean rumbles back.


**If the water continually flows forward, when the sea parts, isn’t everything on the on-flow path suppose to reduce to trickles and then maybe go dry? That will be tantamount to halting the waters and setting new boundaries. But then again, that will discount the facts of tidal waves and currents.
No matter.

They see this gapping, amazing, paralyzing sight but the dreadful thought of the Egyptian torture jolts their hearts and feet to action.

Fast forward ⤍⤍
So, they hoist on their backpacks (lol. No? rucksacks then? …Well, you get the picture) and go through…

At this exact moment, what goes through their minds? I am sure not everyone is synced in faith. C’mon, this is Israel we are talking about here, there would be that guy thinking: “You’ve got to be kidding me”, the random one thinking “what if the water-wall collapses?”, the more logic-wired one, wondering: “What freak of nature caused this?”.
Or were they too preoccupied with fear of what’s behind to be bothered/enthralled by the unusualness of the help they’re getting; to be in awe of their going-through experience; to be excited about their helper or their future? Surely whoever can suspend natural laws for our sakes will stop at nothing to help us? Who was it in the fold silently cussing director Moses out?
I don’t put anything past those guys.

Is any (say a child) curious enough to run their hand through the wall of water as they walk past it?
Is it glazed? I doubt that.

An abrupt spring containing a boisterous sea!

The testimonial roar of crashing waves on the other side must be majestic, impaling the sound of million footsteps. Or, wait a minute, is it all just so quiet you would not even know there was water there? I feel like clapping and jumping at the picture my Dad painted with His Israel, His pride.
A track, no please, make that a huge road network in the middle of the sea, successfully landscaped- to either flaunt the amazing “ocean deep” or navigate around it.
Five(5) minutes ago, it was not conceivable and now, not only do we see it, but we walk the length of it and get to trail our fingers through walls of water as we go!
*okay, if they went in vehicles like the picture depicts, the savour would be lost. Thank God they walked. 🙂
What? we are on the scene together, remember?

Moving on.
Are there shells or precious stones bared on the seabed? Plants? Reeds? Nobody noticed?! oh, right, a promised mean war was fast gaining ground behind.

Hey, this is not plan B for God, He is not in a hurry, disconcerted or flustered, not about getting His people out, not about the Egyptians in hot pursuit, not about anything. Not at all: Not ever. He had this planned since the beginning, so I don’t put a display of splendour in an already majestic situation, past Him. Easy. He specializes in such.

Back to the scene.
The guy that dared run his hand on the wall, was he shouted upon, severely warned (I can almost hear them say “oh, you have brought woe upon us, what if the water crashes now?” fear, uncertainty…) or was he stared down in ominous silence? Did anybody even dare to be lost in the wonder of walking on dry land/trickling/lapping water smack in the middle of a sea?

Maybe not in a war, but this is a one-time experience; enjoying the moment when God steps in, it is definitely worthwhile. But we can get so boggled with what the situation looks like that we miss the amazing details of Israel’s God in the middle of a sea. The “man” is an artist afterall.

Enjoy the process of God. He is still in charge. Infinitely better now, He resides on your inside. And what more, you can choose to roll the sea up, roll out a bridge on it or step on out and walk on the waters! Haha. True. The force of faith is that astounding.

Things may look so difficult now, but He is working it out, if you see pearls on this journey, pick them and gather gold. This is His fight, His trip, enjoy it.

He (the greater one) lives… in you.

I hope this encourages someone.

Thank you for taking the trip with me, you rock!

**MP, this one’s for you 🙂